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Why Anonymity Matters

Why Anonymity Matters

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Today’s social networking moves at the speed of life, with updates made in a moment from the palm of your hand. And that feels good! It’s exciting to share thoughts, sights and sounds with others across the room or a world away. There is a wonderful and almost guilty pleasure in hopping on your social feed from day to day and feeling the fresh breeze of life in motion.

After all, we’re social animals motivated by social urges, and the casual exchanges we now make online can bring a fresh face to each and every day. It reassures us that the problems of today will be gone tomorrow, and that new smiles are always around the corner.

But it’s getting harder to keep pace with the social flow. While many identity-based sharing services make it easy to fuel our social urges, some have become so large and fast moving that we can get too close and lose sight of both the purpose and power of sharing.

We’ve all seen how an overdose of exposure can lead to slapdash exchanges that come back to haunt. Was it really smart to trumpet your drive home last night after too much wine? Or list all the reasons your boss is a pain? Usually these elicit a chuckle, but at their worst they can be life changing.

Often, fear of over-exposure leads to superficial exchanges. Did you really need to update everyone about your turkey sandwich at lunch? Ho hum, you’re certainly playing it safe!

And what if your interest isn’t a hobby or passion, but something else? There’s more to this social game than appearing happy or successful. Maybe you’re exploring new thinking about career or marriage or gender? Maybe you’re struggling with faith or family issues? Or dealing with a health issue? There’s no shame in any of it, but you may prefer more privacy than you’ll find on Facebook.

Privacy Without Purpose Is Not The Answer

Lately, a slew of anonymous sharing apps have emerged. Most are focused on college students, who as the first generation raised on the social web are flocking to anonymity like moths to a flame.

The problem with most of these apps is they achieve privacy by stripping “people” out of social sharing! Most don’t even have usernames or profiles. And they offer no context or oversight. As a result, there’s little sense of community and the sharing is quickly driven to the lowest common denominator, like a truckstop bathroom wall, or worse. Consider 4Chan and Secret, which both relied too heavily on anonymity.

Anonymous sharing can be like a lifeless body trudging forward. A drumbeat of random posts or short-burst confessions with no real merit. And really, did folks need a freer hand to be insulting than Facebook already gave them?

Anonymity With Soul

We need more than just privacy. And that’s where Likeminder comes in.

Likeminder is anonymous so it’s easy to be genuine, but we’re about people. Every member has a profile that we use to help build community. Members can target posts to others like them, and tune into conversations started by others who are likeminded. Because affinity is important to any community, and even more important when nobody knows your name.

Our mission is to help people grow by being there for each other, and we use anonymity to support that, not rule over it. So Likeminder is oriented around real conversations – not superficial banter. And we moderate our community in real-time using artificial-intelligence software combined with human oversight, so it’s safe.

Real people.
Real conversations.
Real privacy.
Real emotions.
Real community.
Moving at the speed of life.

We think of Likeminder as the first social network with a soul. It’s like your Grandma’s special cake, with all the best ingredients and made with love so every bite satisfies.

We invite you to grab a cup of coffee and take a taste! And please let us know what you think.

Thinking out loud,

Curt, Paul and Shu


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