The Team

The three Likeminder Founders have a unique combination of experience and relationships spanning online, financial, spiritual, and wellness industries.

Curt Cimei is co-CEO and COO. He’s an Internet pioneer, entrepreneur, and marketer with experience building and scaling highly successful interactive startups and brands (,, American Express). He’s also a seasoned business development pragmatist.

Paul Keblish is co-CEO and CFO. He’s an accomplished investment banker (Deloitte, Bear Stearns, Dean Witter) with experience in securities operations and transactions, and deep related industry relationships. He’s also a skilled entrepreneur and venture investor.

Shu Eliovson is an advisor. He is an expert in Web-based emotional wellness, an ordained Rabbi with specialization in crisis counseling, marriage, parenting and at-risk teens, and a frequent advisor to mental health professionals, families and teens.

R&D is lead by Eitan Weisbeker, our VP of Engineering.

Elana Amminadav is our VP Moderation, responsible for maintaining a safe, trust-based community.

Dr. Mary Ross, Don Copeman, and Marc Perlman are advisors who have been infinitely patient and generous in their support of Likeminder.


Shu came up with the idea for Likeminder while working with teens through a non-profit, In-Reach, and incubated the idea for 2 years through an Israeli-based start-up called The Lockers. Paul was on the In-Reach Board and shared in the early vision. Curt learned about the idea from his college pal, Paul. The three got together in 2013, raised seed funding and started Likeminder in early 2014. The company is based in NYC with R&D in Israel.

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