Private Groups

Likeminder is a community for adults to explore personal thoughts through authentic conversations with likeminded peers.  We created Likeminder to help people grow by being there for each other.

And inside the Likeminder community, we offer Groups where Members can share questions, ideas and advice privately and exclusively with other affiliated Members.

We created Groups to help:

    • Enterprises that become more effective through the improved emotional well-being of their members, including universities, corporations, healthcare payers and military groups
    • Organizations dedicated to their members’ success and wellness, including non-profits, healthcare practices and providers, and professional associations
    • Support Groups and peer-to-peer groups with a shared community, social, health or personal cause or interest
    • Sole Practitioners who care for others, such as doctors, therapists and life coaches

A few things to know about Groups:

    • Groups are organized around a personal affiliation
    • Conversations in a Group are only visible to Group Members
    • Access to the Group is managed through a Key
    • The Group creator, or Sponsor, controls the Group and Key
    • The Sponsor invites others to join the Group by sharing the Key
    • Groups have custom Rooms that are defined by the Sponsor
Humanism Group

Interested in creating a Group?  Contact Us.