Community Guidelines

Likeminder is a social network for your private life.

We’re here to help our Members build a “trust-based” community that thrives on respect, openness and meaningful discussion.  Our goal is to create a place where people can safely and discretely share and discuss personal issues with other like-minded people, without distraction or concern about intentionally salacious, aggressive, antagonistic, bullying, harassing, grooming, stalking and other inappropriate, illegal or just plain creepy behavior.

We encourage Members to share feelings and advice about real life issues, even if some of those include violent, sexual or otherwise traumatic or ‘uncomfortable’ personal events. We don’t restrict this kind of genuine community engagement, so conversations on Likeminder can be explicit.  But we do have guidelines to maintain a community that’s respectful, guards your privacy, and preserves the basic decorum necessary for real and meaningful discussion.

Our team of professionals has created these Community Guidelines through many years of management of online communities including substantial feedback from community members.

All content published on Likeminder is reviewed against the Community Guidelines by a combination of custom software and a team of trained human moderators.  Here’s what our software and live moderators screen for:

Personally identifying info. Anonymity is foundational to creating a trusting environment for genuine discussion of deeply personal and sensitive issues. We will always do our best to protect your privacy and that of others.  So we screen for things that might give another person too many unique details about who you are, like names of individuals or institutions (with the exception of celebrities and government), online usernames, personal websites, phone numbers, email addresses and specific address/location information.

Attacking or mocking other members.  In order to maintain the safe environment that allows members to discuss issues that are real, personal and intimate it is vital that discussions remain courteous and respectful. No member may attack or make fun of anyone else. If you have something negative to say, keep it general.

Trolling. Trolling is when someone makes inflammatory, intentionally antagonistic, or disruptive posts just to get other people riled up. This is a peer-to-peer environment where members support each other and can safely discuss sensitive and important issues in their lives. Posting just to provoke other members undermines the climate we are trying to create.

Sexually graphic or vulgar posts. We recognize that there are a lot of important matters relating to sex and sexual questions, and you should feel comfortable to talk about these issues here when you need personal support. However posts that are overly graphic beyond what is needed to speak about an issue will be screened, along with expletives and vulgar language.

Instructional posts for illegal activity. Posts that contain instructional information about how to perform a specific illegal activity will be removed. Examples of instructional information are posts that explain how to hurt yourself or someone else, how to build a bomb, how to use a certain illegal substance, or how to obtain pharmaceuticals without a prescription.

Encouraging dangerous or illegal behavior. Everyone is entitled to share their personal perspectives and thoughts on life-issues, but be sensitive to the difference between sharing your own ideas and suggesting that someone else engage in activities that can be harmful or illegal.

Feedback.  Your feedback is very important to us.  In order to make sure your message gets to the right place, please submit all comments and questions about the Likeminder community or our moderation guidelines via the Helpdesk (?) icon, which is available on every page of the website.  This type of feedback should not be posted on the Likeminder forums.

Thank you for supporting our community.

Curt, Paul and Shu


Updated June 1, 2015