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  • Join the Crowd: Likeminder Raising a FlashFund

      We’re excited to open an investment round on FlashFunders, where accredited investors can invest as little as $1,000. Built for the ‘sharing generation,’ Likeminder is a free, convenient and comfortable way to talk ‘off the record’ without social pressures and without having to join a support group. And for organizations li...

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  • Anxious Students Strain College Mental Health Centers

    Last week, the NY Times published a great article about the increasing demands on college and university health centers due to rising levels of anxiety and depression among college kids. And, like many similar articles relating to emotional health, it is a reminder of why we are doing what we are doing here at Likeminder. The college demographic is partic...

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  • Why Anonymity Matters

    Today’s social networking moves at the speed of life, with updates made in a moment from the palm of your hand. And that feels good! It’s exciting to share thoughts, sights and sounds with others across the room or a world away. There is a wonderful and almost guilty pleasure in hopping on your social feed from day to day and feeling the fresh breeze of...

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