Our Mission


Likeminder’s mission is to help people grow by being there for each other.  We offer a community where folks can find others like them and feel safe to open up and discuss life’s little issues, before they become big ones. Likeminder helps people share their feelings and advice to improve their emotional well-being and become more fulfilled in whatever they do.  And we help groups become more effective through their members.

Our History

ShuPaul and Curt created Likeminder with the idea that organizations are most effective when their members are emotionally well.  Our ambitious experiment is to use the power of social sharing to foster the proven benefits of peer support within member-based organizations.  By improving their members’ emotional health, organizations benefit from increased productivity and decreased costs.  So we created a new kind of social network where members of any organization can comfortably share their personal feelings and advice with others like them, while also receiving professional support as appropriate.

Emotional wellness is the guiding principle that grounds our efforts and focuses our community, which is anonymous so people can feel safe discussing personal issues, moderated to help keep discussions meaningful and respectful, and peer-based because social support is proven to improve emotional wellness.

We believe Likeminder’s “horizontal” approach to peer-to-peer support can provide everyone with emotional wellness benefits as a byproduct of regular use. While many counselors and support groups are available for the 1 in 5 Americans struggling with a specific behavioral health issue, Likeminder offers these classic health forum users a new and accessible way to find affinity and support beyond a shared disorder. And for the vast majority of people who don’t need professional counseling, Likeminder offers a convenient and comfortable way to talk ‘off the record’ without social pressures and without having to join a support group.

We created a beta version of our community product with advice from a group of respected experts in emotional wellness including ElanaMaryDon and Marc, as well as plenty of feedback from our users. The Likeminder community is now available free on the Web and on iOS mobile phones in the Apple store, and becomes the foundation on which we will offer value-add services to many types of organizations, beginning with Colleges.